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  • Automate Application Deployment to AWS with Cisco CloudCenter

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Automate Application Deployment to AWS with Cisco CloudCenter

(Original Webinar Thurs., December 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time)

Cisco CloudCenter is an application-centric hybrid cloud management solution that lets you build on your Cisco infrastructure foundation and extend application deployment and management capabilities to include public clouds such as AWS.

CloudCenter gives IT a solution that works seamlessly across data center and AWS, and gives users self-service on demand deployment but keeps IT in the loop with full visibility and governance control. It also integrates seamlessly with AWS and “Abstracts the Cloud” so developers and users get the power of automated application deployment and management without having to understand AWS API calls.

Presenters: Mohit Vaswani, Engineer, CloudCenter | Kurt Milne, Product Marketing, CloudCenter

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View this webinar to learn about CloudCenter and how to:

  • Deploy a virtual machine or application stack on demand
  • Automate Continuous Deployment with Jenkins
  • Auto scale across availability zones
  • Migrate across regions
  • Automate micro-segmentation
  • Including AWS specific services
  • Benchmark price and performance
  • Stay in control with multiple users and accounts
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