Rapid Threat Containment: The Network as Sensor and Enforcer - Cisco Systems Webinars

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(Original Webinar December 14, 2016)

The number of connected devices is growing exponentially because of the rapid expansion of cloud services, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These popular trends increase the risk that bad actors might be able to get in and thus creates a nightmare for network and security admins.

This webcast will dive deep into how customers can get peace of mind by making their network more secure using ISE and Stealthwatch. Cisco Stealthwatch gives you the visibility you need by tracking every network conversation using Netflow, already embedded in the Cisco infrastructure. In addition, ISE provides contextual data based on user, device, location, and other critical attributes behind IP addresses. All this information provides you with an end-to-end monitoring system that significantly shortens the time to discover and identify malicious behavior on the network. This is what we call network as a sensor (NaaS).

In addition, behavior changes reported in Stealthwatch during monitoring could trigger ISE policy changes through the Cisco TrustSec matrix, which will be pushed to the Cisco infrastructure, effectively blocking attacks or compromised devices. This dynamic policy capability is what we call network as an enforcer (NaaE).

Last, the general ability to use ISE as a controller to contain threats is referred to as rapid threat containment. The trigger might come from different products, including Stealthwatch, FirePOWER, and many others.

To learn how you can use this solution to get the visibility you need, control access to resources, rapidly respond, and contain threats at scale, join this webcast.‚Äč


Topics to include:

  • ISE visibility wizard
  • Contextual sharing using PXGrid
  • Cisoc TrustSec and security group tags
  • Network as a sensor
  • Network as an enforcer
  • Rapid threat contained

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