Cisco Global Cloud Index, 2015–2020 - Cisco Systems Webinars

The Cisco Global Cloud Index (GCI) is an ongoing effort to forecast the growth of global data center and cloud based IP traffic and trends. On November 10, Cisco will reveal the sixth annual GCI update, with data center virtualization and cloud computing insights for global service providers, OTT players, and governments/municipalities that manage data center resources. Featured projections and analyses will include the following:

  • Global and regional data center and cloud traffic growth projections
  • The effects of network function virtualization (NFV) on data center infrastructures
  • Global and regional workload transitions (virtualization) from traditional IT to cloud solutions
  • The growth of public vs. private clouds and the role hybrid clouds will play
  • The growth and shifts in three primary cloud service categories: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Potential IoT effects on data centers as global digitization drives new big data demands for storage and analysis 
  • Cloud-readiness assessments for fixed/mobile networks to deliver cloud services (for nearly 150 countries)
  • The role security plays in protecting personal and business data as well as cloud-based transactions


Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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