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New Switching Innovations: More Performance for Less Cost

Original webcast September 13, 2016

In the next five years alone, data traffic will multiple tenfold, and that growth is driving new wireless standards. With the arrival of 802.11ac Wave 2, wireless data rates will exceed the capacity of your wired Ethernet infrastructure, which can only support speeds up to 1 Gb per second (Gbps). How can you overcome this limitation while preserving your existing network investments?

This live 60-minute webcast will present the latest switching innovations from Cisco, which will help you cost-effectively provide the performance and reliability that your wireless users and devices will demand without having to replace existing Ethernet cabling or the Cisco Catalyst switches you already have. Join our Cisco experts as they preview:

  • New Cisco Catalyst switches: Delivering converged performance and multigigabit speeds, these new switches are also compact and attractively priced, making them perfect for small network or remote office deployments.
  • Cisco multigigabit technology: Enables you to achieve bandwidth with speeds of up to 10 Gbps over traditional Cat 5e cabling, eliminating the need to upgrade or replace your existing Ethernet cabling.
  • New Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series Supervisor Engine 6T: Doubles the performance of existing Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series Switches, so you can get the speeds and feeds you need while protecting your existing switching investment.
  • New Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8L-E: Doubles the uplinks for Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series Switches at a very attractive price, making it perfect for small deployments while future-proofing your network.
  • New Cisco Switch Selector: This new online tool will make it even easier for you to choose the right Cisco switch for your specific needs and budget.
Live Q&A Included

Be sure to tune in and see how the latest Cisco switching innovations can help solve your toughest technical and budget challenges. You can also get your questions answered during the broadcast.

Ask the Expert
If you are interested in continuing the Q&A dialogue with our Subject Matter Experts, join us in the Enterprise Networks Community during our “Ask the Expert” session following the live event. The forum will be open, and our experts will be taking all your questions for the three days following the webinar – September 14-16th.


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Trends and technology developments driving the need for multigigabit speed
  • Introduction to the new Cisco Catalyst switches:
    • Price/performance advantages
    • Deployment recommendations
  • Eliminating the 1-Gb wired bottleneck with NBASE-T/multigigabit technology
  • New Cisco supervisor engines for Cisco Catalyst 6000 and 4000 Series Switches
  • New Cisco Catalyst switches
  • New Cisco Switch Selector Tool
  • Q&A

  • Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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