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Accelerate Hybrid IT Deployments with Cisco Data Center Innovations


Cloud is now a fundamental part of IT landscapes. Enterprise and IT executives deal with large numbers of applications that are being versioned faster than ever before. Running IT is increasingly challenged to support line-of-business needs.

Watch this video to learn how to simplify application lifecycle management across multiple data centers, private clouds, managed private clouds, and public clouds. You also see how to deliver hybrid IT as a service, so users get on-demand experiences while IT gets governance, visibility, and control.

Discover how organizations are able to manage public and private cloud deployments with comprehensive control of cloud and all applications, and users from one dashboard. Cisco and CliQr data center experts explain how application relevancy transforms data center automation and accelerates the adoption of hybrid cloud environments. With this information, you can easily model an application once and deploy it across any combination of data center and private or public clouds.


Topics discussed include:

  • Industry drivers for hybrid IT and next-generation applications
  • Use cases, applications, and policy driven infrastructure
  • Customer examples of hybrid IT and simplifying operations for application teams
  • Driving application policy through software-defined infrastructure
  • ROI and benefits to management and infrastructure operations
Approximate duration: 25 minutes

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