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  • Cisco Connected Roadways: For Improved Safety, Mobility and Traffic Flow

    Discover how Cisco Connected Roadways can help improve safety, improve traffic flow and reduce accidents.

Cisco Connected Roadways: For Improved Safety, Mobility, and Traffic Flow

With the Internet of Everything, disparate roadway systems can converge onto a single, secure IP network to enable information sharing and common communications. Whether on a busy city street or a remote highway, costs are reduced and operations are streamlined along with increased safety and improved traffic flow. Cisco’s secure network of ruggedized routers, switches, access points, and video cameras connect people, processes, data, and things from the roadside infrastructure to centralized traffic control centers.

Join the webcast to learn about the validated network designs for Cisco® Connected Roadways. Built on open standards, you can take advantage of commercially available products and services to lower TCO, reduce implementation risks, improve performance, and protect existing investments.

Transit signal prioritization (TSP), automated traffic signal control, computer-aided dispatch and automated vehicle location (CAD/AVL), dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) between vehicles and roadside infrastructure, network management, and data analytics, wireless bulk data transfer (WBDT) and integration with third-party hardware and software are all supported on the platform.


Topics to be discussed include:

    • Overview of trends and challenges driving transformation of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and roadway infrastructure (include video as part of market overview)
    • How Cisco Connected Roadways addresses today’s ITS challenges
    • Cisco Connected Roadways solution architecture and validated design, and why it is important
    • Real-world examples of Cisco® Connected Roadways in action with customer case studies
    • Strategic partners and advanced services
    Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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