​The economics of virtualization, fast networks, and demands for "anytime, anywhere, any device" access have transformed the way public sector organizations share and use information. Learn the implications of this new reality for:
  • Your organization's network
  • Your information security
  • Your ongoing IT strategy
  • The services you deliver
How IT Consumption Is Changing in the Public Sector is a new report from IDC Government Insights. In this detailed examination, IDC research director, Shawn P. McCarthy, tackles the top questions facing IT leaders in the public sector, including:
  • What is meant by the term "IT consumption," and how is IT consumption changing?
  • What's the impact of these changes on the mission of a typical public sector organization?
  • What are the implications on security, data availability, and portability?
  • Do things like collaboration, data availability, and reliable network management have an economic impact on the public sector?
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