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Left To Your Own Devices

How employee mobility can free you
up to work in new ways
More and more people are using their own smartphones, tablets and laptops for work, or requiring employers to provide them. So employee mobility and BYOD is one of the hottest trends in IT right now.

To show you what it can do for your business, and how we can make it easy and secure for you, we have three white papers.

  • Forrester Report: Latest IT Trends for More Secure Mobile Collaboration
    Read how other businesses are responding.

  • Device Freedom While Maintaining a Highly Secure IT Network
    Learn how to get the benefits without compromising IT Security.

  • BYOD Smart Solution Overview
    Discover how easily your network can adapt.

To learn more about employee mobility and BYOD, and to find out how Cisco financing and services can help, fill out our form (on the right) now.

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