Find Best Practices in the Secure Mobility/BYOD Survival Guide

According to Gartner, 90 percent of all organizations will allow personal devices for work use by 2014. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend affects your agencies and departments, whether you encourage, tolerate, or prohibit personal devices. In any case, most agencies will need simple, effective and secure solutions to:

  • Enforce agency and department access policies on any device
  • Know who and what devices are on the network
  • Reduce the IT resources needed to bring new personal devices onto the network
  • Deliver a user experience equivalent to the wired experience
  • Mitigate security and privacy risks such as malware and loss of intellectual property
The Secure Mobility/BYOD Survival Guide includes best practices, design guides, promotions and white papers to help one understand the challenges associated with Secure Mobility and BYOD. We also have a link to the new Secure Mobility interactive "Hot Zone" microsite where individuals and IT organizational leads can answer questions to assess security vulnerabilities and receive recommendations to help tighten mobile security.

All of these resources and information help provide guidance in formulating a highly secure mobile strategy to address the challenges listed above. Simply complete the form below to access the guide.
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