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Cloud Management Platforms provide management and orchestration capabilities across both data center and cloud environments. Gartner has a great taxonomy that highlights everything you should consider when choosing a CMP. This short webinar highlights how Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr) stacks up against Gartner’s recommended feature list. Register and also get access to the Gartner report “Devise an Effective Cloud Computing Strategy by Answering Five Key Questions” that includes the taxonomy.

What you will learn about:

  • Access management - including user and group management, multi-tenancy, as well as governance control of who can do what, where, and when
  • Service management – including easily modified service library of OS, application services, PaaS services, containers, and configuration tools, as well as autoscaling and other day 2 management functions
  • Service Optimization – including tag-based policy engine, cost and usage controls, cost and usage reporting
  • Extensibility – including integration with a wide range of existing ITSM and ITOM tools and processes
  • Virtualization and physical layers – seamless integration with other Cisco solutions such as UCS Director and ACI that optimize management of underlying resources
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